Fastest, Simplest, Easiest eCommerce System?

If you’ve read my emails and blog posts for a while, you’ll know that the best and most heartfelt advice I can give you is the same I give my family and my friends.

The two best, easiest, most sure fire businesses you can start are either local SEO or ecommerce on Amazon.  And if you have no background at all in SEO, then I recommend Amazon.

I so passionately believe this, I’ve got my 21 and 18 year old sons doing it.  Incidentally, here are my son’s stats in the 30 days before Christmas!

And this was with NO advertising in this period.  Profit around $15,000.


Not bad for a 21 year old.

However There IS a Challenge with This…

I love it, but there are some issues with doing Amazon the conventional way that is taught.

Well, I’ve seen some really interesting developments in ecommerce the last couple of months.  A new approach which is showing itself to be both simple and equally effective, but..

…a far, far, far quicker and simpler to get going and generating income.

AND still tie in to the truly astounding power of Amazon shoppers, via the world’s biggest online store.

…but doing it in a very different way to the conventional ecom teaching.

I’ve seen more than one example of success with this new method, and its simplicity and speed is intriguing.

So I decided to look into it with a view to adding it to my ecomm business.

Conventional eCommerce on Amazon:

  • Pick a product
  • Source it from China
  • Come up with your own brand and angle / unique selling point
  • Get packaging and logo designed
  • Negotiate prices with the Chinese factory
  • Pay up front before you’ve earned a dime, pay for international shipping, and…

…you then have to create a listing on Amazon, and if you don’t do a decent job of this, you wont sell much!

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Amazon ecom.  You well know it’s what I’ve got both my sons doing, my little sister, Chris’s son, Chris’s wife (all of them are building / have built Amazon businesses successfully).

…basically anyone who will listen, I tell them to do it and get through those steps I just listed as fast as they can.

But how about if there was a way to take advantage of the huge growth in ecommerce without any of that hassle?

WITHOUT having to pick and source a product from China?

WITHOUT having to design branding?

WITHOUT having to spend a lot on inventory an shipping (you should budget $100)?

WITHOUT having to create an Amazon listing?

I’m intrigued!

Maybe you are too?  And genuinely I only know the overview of this unique strategy, which I’ve just given you here.

But the good news is I’ve lined up a couple of top sellers who know exactly how to do this effectively, both to teach Chris and me, and to teach you guys.

What’s almost more impressive, is how the fusion of certain factors allow them to do this in a rolling cycle of increasing profit.

Start with $100.  Cycle it into 105-200.  Then cycle it again it becomes maybe $350, cycle it again and so on and within a matter of weeks you income has “compounded” into a 4 or 5 figure income per day.

Yes.  Per DAY!!!  Thousands per day…

It’s not surprising with the selling power of FREE traffic buyer from Amazon which you can leverage WITHOUT all the conventional hassles of normal Amazon selling

They Taught This System to a “Beta” Testers Group in 2017, Who Collectively Have Generated $125 Million Using It.  Wow.

Tell you what, I am really looking forward to learning about this and possibly adding it to mine and my sons’ ecomm businesses.

Join Chris and me this Wednesday, January 24 at 1pm Eastern, 6pm UK and for you guys in Australia, sorry, it was the only time I could get them…

Image with timezones

We’ll learn about this together.  It may be the very thing that’s going to allow more of you to get quickly successful in ecomm.

I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world.  It just may be what changes everything for our ecom businesses.

Go here to register:

See you on the call!


  • Jim McKellar

    Reply Reply January 23, 2018

    Will there be a replay. Need to work at that PST time. 🙁

  • Markos

    Reply Reply January 23, 2018

    great thing

  • I am like Jim, I need to work at PST time.

    Reply Reply January 23, 2018

    I will try to listen while at work, but it won’t be easy.

  • Mike Claggett

    Reply Reply January 24, 2018

    I’m pacific too. Had the reminder set 30 minutes before and still missed it due to having the deal with the idiots at a certain hosting company.

    Such is life in the Web Presence Development industry.

    Glad to hear a replay is part of the plan.

    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply January 24, 2018

      Mike it hasn’t happened yet! Today at 1pm Eastern, 10am your time!

  • MK

    Reply Reply January 24, 2018

    The model seems the simplest, but do you feel it’s sustainable?

    E.g would we need 100 products to achieve what 1 PL (private label) can do, and am concern this leads to massive price wars which may not be sustainable long term.

    Your honest thoughts John.

    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply January 24, 2018

      Definitely sustainable and no you would not need 100 products. However, if you wanted to, you could probably put up 100 products in the time it would take you to put up 1 good private label product!

      Very exciting.

  • Ed Reilly

    Reply Reply January 24, 2018

    Hi John, in Eastern time zone and will be working as well! Hope there is a replay!!

  • Manuel

    Reply Reply January 24, 2018

    I would NOT be able to attend the live webinar but interested in recorded webinar if you please provide. I am a current member.

    Thank you kindly,
    Manny Taningco

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