Google 3 Pack Magic – Free Members’ Coaching with Just Chris and John

Guys, guys guys!  This is probably the most important, landmark, coaching call we have done in a long time.  Just Chris and John – no guests!

I know you probably think, because we’ve promoted a few products recently, that everything we do is a promo.  That is not true, and it’s not us.  To be honest, it’s been a bit of a blip.  We’re getting back to our normal business routine – and delivering amazing training for our members at no extra cost to you.

So, would you like a totally FREE training on what really should be a $1,000 course?   Yup.  This is 100% complimentary for you, our members and subscribers.

And I am talking about the most insanely valuable thing for ANY local business.  And that is, ranking in the 3-Pack (or “Snack Pack”) – you know, the little map that appears at the top of the search results.

(Yup – it’s always at the top of the search results!).

We’re going to show you exactly how to do it on this complimentary training for you, and we’re adding a comprehensive training to the SEO Breakthrough members area as a free training upgrade.

Google is THE Local Search Tool for People…

It’s how people today find what they are looking for locally.

A local restaurant, a local hardware store, a local Smog and a/c shop, hair salon, you name it, if people are looking for a local service or store that they need, they pull out their phone and search Google.  Period.

Now you can turn this into a massive earner for your own business by ranking yourself, or charging local clients $500 a month (ongoing – passive) to put them in the 3-pack.  And it’s not hard to do!

What would 10 local clients each paying $500 a month mean to you?  Passive, ongoing income?

That's $5,000 a month, PASSIVE, and realistically guys, you could double or triple this over time.

This training is something you will not want to miss.  The webinar is no finished and…

The replay is here:

All the best,

John Pearce and Chris Cantell

PS Breaking news:

Actually, we do have a guest! Just arranged (still no pitch though!).

Tony Adams, our very own SEO Breakthrough member is going to join us and give his personal experiences ranking local business in the 3 pack – and raking in profit from local businesses that would kill to get in the 3 Pack!

The last time Tony joined us for a coaching call everyone was massively enthusiastic for all he had to say – his practical, at the coal-face experiences building his business.

He and his amazing business success are a great testimony to the power of SEO Breakthrough, and a huge encouragement to all.  There is nothing in this for him, he is just freely giving his time to support and help others.


This training is REALLY something you will not want to miss.


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