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100K Shout Out Bonus

The 100K Shout Out is a fantastic marketing software platform for both SEO and for the marketing of affiliate products and or your own products. The detail below explains what you can use 100K Shout Out for: -

Internet Marketing

With Internet Marketing, I am referring to driving traffic to any of the following: -

  • Affiliate products (other peoples products)
  • Your own products including
  • Ecommerce store (Shopify Etc)
  • Your Amazon Product page/s
  • Your own digital products


100K Shout Out is perfect for building a high-quality link profile and is ideal for the following: -

  • Foundation link building
  • Referring domain platform diversity, so that your backlinks have a range of different platforms to avoid you having all your backlinks as WordPress backlinks
  • A 100K Shout Out campaign makes a perfect tier 2 of any link structure. A link structure with any of the following tier 1 posts would be very powerful: -
  • Guest Post
  • PBN Mini Site Post
  • RES Site Home Page
  • For local SEO, 100K Shout Out is perfect to add your citations as part of a campaign.
  • A 100K Shout Out campaign is perfect for direct linking to any web page

Our Bonus

We have put together a bonus that will maximize and empower you to turbo boost your 100K Shout Out campaigns. This would work perfectly for either Internet Marketing or SEO purposes.

We are offering 150 amazingly powerful backlink on our own private Power Ranker network of nearly 600 sites (sites not normally available to our SEO customers).

That’s right, 575 of Chris and john’s own private PBN minisites.

Use this bonus to make backlinks to your 100K Shout Out sites to literally multiply their power many times over!

How it Works:

What this means is that 100K Shout Out will create your 100K Mini Site. 100K Shout Out will post the content to all of its network sites and you will get a ton of links pointing to your 100K Mini Site

The 100K Shout Out will provide excellent platform diversity, and the quantity of links coming in will make you really white hat in Google’s eyes.

But it is the Power Ranker posts that will give you the ultimate power behind this process.

If you are using 100K Shout Out for affiliate marketing for example, you would point the 100K Mini Site to your affiliate offer for example. Then, when you send in some Power Ranker posts, you will be massively boosting your 100K Mini Site, and actually turbo charge your search engine visibility…

..for more traffic and way more sales.

The result of Chris and John’s bonus will be to increase the traffic to your 100K Mini Site by a vast amount. The increase in traffic will mean more sales and more commission.

What about for SEO’ers?

If you are using 100K Shout Out for SEO purposes, you would be best to use 100K Shout Out to create you numerous 100K Mini Sites.

You would use the 100K Mini Sites to link to the site you want to rank, boosting it up the search results. This would give you a big boost in domain authority/ page authority as a result of the powerful sites pointing to it.

You would then use our bonus to boost the 100K Mini Site into a very powerful PBN / backlinking site, and one that looked so natural that it would have a zero footprint, while being very, very powerful.


The power behind this SEO strategy is huge. I can not express this enough. This is heavy lifting done for you taken to the next level. This is the most exciting SEO combination you can get and all made possible as a result of the Power Ranker bonus.

There’s More

Thanks to Chris Munch, we also have exclusive access to the incredible bonuses you’ll find on this page.

This is really an extraordinary package – and it carries our 100% endorsement

All the best

Chris Cantell and John Pearce

Go here to get  100K Shout Out:

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