One Piece Of Software:
Page 1 Instead of Page 10 or Worse!!!

(No Other Difference – Identical SEO – Site Metrics Even Favor the Loser!)


Technical Optimization, Security Structure, Site Setup...

All The Technical Optimization That You Don’t Know How To Do, Don't Have Time To Do, Don't Want To Do...
It's Already Done!!!

Please Note - Offer Closes In...

  • Site setup pre-optimised, not just for SEO but security, performance. As soon as you install the site. You just add the content and off you go
  • Ultimate flexibility - do anything you want with layout, design
  • 20 plugins already installed (all you’ll ever need!) - just check of the ones you want/ignore the ones you don’t
  • Disclaimer, privacy etc all done, contact form all done. Very fast to get going!
  • Stability and optimization - the secret sauce that Google loves (a lot of different things, for eg: speed, coding compressed, saved and presented through gzip, cache – all pre-configured)
  • Security also pre-configured for bots and how much bandwidth the bots are allowed to soak up
  • Tying into the Google algorithm - and taking advantage of Google!
  • Integrated: script to massively reduce Googles count of your bounce rate
  • All the technical optimization that you don’t know how to do, don't have time to do, don't want to do, it's already done!

Included In This Package Is:

  • An Unlimited Usage Licence to Dynamik, Including Developer Rights
  • You will also receive updated versions of Dynamik and technical support for an optional $97 per year fee
  • Optional Pro support from Chris Freeman and premium plugin licences are available by optional separate subscription at $37 a month, which you will see as an option on the next screen! (no need for the $97 per year if you choose this)

Single Payment
$497 One-Off Developer Rights

Three Monthly Payments
  3x $197 One-Off Developer Rights


Just In Case You Want to Review the Evidence....

Video 1

Test Results and Analysis - Original Test

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Video 2

Test Results and Analysis - 2018 Test

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Video 3

The Site Metrics Even Favor the Losing Site - Proving the Ranking Advantage!

Test Site Metrics - Analysis

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Single Payment
$497 One-Off Developer Rights

Three Monthly Payments
  3x $197 One-Off Developer Rights

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