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Done For YOU Guest Post Service

To access our Done for You Guest Post Service, please select one of the 3 options here.  For further details on the service, see the video under the Dashboard menu item “Done for You Services”.

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10 Guest Post Service Credits$467 less 20% = $377
20 Guest Post Service Credits$897 less 20% = $717

Each Guest Post will be 550 words minimum, with up to 2 contextual anchor text links for you in each post, guaranteed indexed within 2 weeks or replaced.

Niches Available

Between 80 and 100 guest post sites available in each niche except where shown!

  • Automotive

  • Business

  • Dating

  • Education

  • Entertainment/Music

  • Fashion

  • Finance

  • Foods

  • Gambling

  • Games

  • General/News

  • Health

  • Home

  • Law

  • Photography (10 posts available)

  • Real Estate

  • Shopping

  • Tech

  • Travel

  • Wedding (10 posts available)

How to Use Guest Posts the Right Way

In the past, Guest Posts were abused and masses of Guest Posts appeared - spammy ones with low DA, and it became a backlinking issue Google wanted to squash. They brought out an unknown algorithm to put this in its place, the result being that if you have too many of your backlinks being Guest Posts, G may devalue the links.

However, if they are on high quality sites, Google is more lenient and won't devalue unless you have too many of those. The “too many” number is not known, so good practice is to keep below 25 - 40 really depending on how new your site is and how many backlinks it already has.

The higher the DA of the Guest Post site the more of them you can get away with, and the more beneficial the ranking power they have, which is why a service with guaranteed DA>20 is so valuable!

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