How To Maximize Your Results Using The 100K Shout Out And The SBT Bonus

The 100K Shout Out platform is both a platform and a service for creating web properties that you can use to promote products and or to carry out an SEO campaign to boost your web page/s in the SERPS.

On it’s own, 100K Shout Out is an impressive hybrid of automation and human service. The combination of automation and real person service makes the platform provide large quantities of links across a load of high traffic, high domain authority sites and across a broad array of different platforms. The real person service is the actual content creation which enables for content that is of good quality.


How 100K Shout Out Works

The 100K Shout Out has various ways you can use it, which I will lay out below: –


Broad Syndication Using Ampifier

Ampifier will post the various content that 100K write for the various platforms to the various sites. This provides for effortless work to obtain a large selection and array of backlinks to whatever web property you want to boost. For anyone interested in doing Local SEO for ranking their Google My Business (GMB) listings, you can request 100K to add your NAP citation to the Ampifier campaign. Such a campaign will result in a great number of citations that Google will quickly pick up, which will be a powerful strategy to boost your GMB listing.

It is a good idea to use Ampifier to provide any site or video you have with a campaign blast. The links that come in will be numerous and of good quality. In themselves, they won’t be powerful links, however, they enhance your link profile by providing links across a wide range of platforms and in addition to that, you get the benefit of a good number of referring domains.

These links make for really good natural looking foundational links which you need to camouflage the powerful link structures and multiple home page links you will be getting from creating RES sites. If you just have powerful links and no foundational links, you end up having an unnatural looking link profile which is bad practice. Natural wins the race.

It is a good strategy to carry out an Ampifier campaign to your tier 1 link structures too (Guest Post for example). That will enhance the tier 1 and increase the domain authority of the tier 1. That is a very smart strategy. Don’t however do it to every tier 1 you have, because that wouldn’t be natural. Just do an Ampifier campaign to around 20% – 30% of your tier 1’s.


The 100K Mini Sites & How They Fit In

The 100K Mini Sites are basically an HTML web page that 100K provide as a template for you. Basically, you add what ever content to the page. Once you have added the content, you can download and upload to your server. You would place these 100K mini sites on a server service like Bulk Buy Hosting. This type of host service enables you to have all your PBN Mini Sites on different servers, which enables footprint free hosting. Your 100K Mini Sites will therefore be PBN Mini Sites. You can build these out too, so that they have numerous posts, typically like a “Blogvertorial site” like this one, but without the ads: as a rough example.

You can point your 100K Mini Sites to any property you want: –

  • Money site (Any website, local client site, affiliate review site, Shopify store)
  • Video
  • Amazon page
  • Tier 1 link structure

In addition to having a 100K Mini Site, you would also run an Ampifier campaign to the 100K Mini Site. That would give that site a boost and would camouflage the Power Ranker links that you would use from our bonus (which I will come to in a minute).

You can have a number of these 100K Mini Sites with the Ampifier links and Power Ranker links coming to them. The culmination of these 100K Mini Sites, Ampifier links and Power Ranker links will produce a powerful set of link structures that funnel the power to the web property you want to rank.

The great part of all this is considering how much time this will have taken you. Let’s take a look at the process: –

  • Content creation for Ampifier campaign:      Carried out by 100K
  • Content distribution to all the sites & platforms:         Carried out by Ampifier
  • Creation of 100K Mini Site content:       Carried out by you
  • Creation of HTML 100K Mini Site:       Carried out by 100K
  • Upload of 100K Mini Site to your server:     Carried out by you
  • Content creation for Ampifier campaign to 100K Mini Site:      Carried out by 100K
  • Content distribution to all the sites & platforms for 100K Mini Site:         Carried out by Ampifier
  • Creation of Power Ranker article content:      Carried out by you
  • Posting of all the articles to the Power Ranker network:    Carried out by Power Ranker


So from all the above steps and processes, your involvement is tiny because everything is sitting there for you, but the power and effectiveness is impressive. That is what make this smart SEO. Best Results for Least Effort.


SEO Breakthrough Bonus

We are giving away to anyone that purchases 100K Shout Out from our affiliate link the Power Ranker bonus which I will talk about in a moment. First of all, here is our 100K affiliate link: –

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Important: to qualify for the bonus, you MUST see:
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The bonus we are offering is 10 x Power Ranker Campaign credits

Access to use these credits to all 3 of the Power Ranker networks

This totals 150 posts to and has a real life value of $1,500

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