Chris Cantell

Amazing SEO Ranking Power – Delivered by Us on Autopilot!

You Just Watch Your Site Rank
and Collect the Checks!

  • Buy aged, authority domains (or use our own) in YOUR correct Niche (we'll pick the very best and most powerful of the thousands of aged domains our new software has identified)
  • Build a Minisite Network - EXACTLY as SEO BT recommends (plugins, theme, hosting setup, everything) in YOUR exact niche!
  • Add some media rich posts with no links and/or with authority-link in a tight niche to your keyword (for power and authority on the Minisite)
  • Link to (rank) your desired URL page with unique, high quality, media rich posts hand-written by OUR writers
  • Mini-sites will be specific to YOUR money site niche, home page links
  • Aged domains, high authority, hosted on separate IPs, unique nameservers
  • Build authority and trust for the minisite with Social Signals, Traffic/Visitors to the site, Bookmarks AND Social Signals to the Bookmarks for extra power!

Our Outsourcing Team is What Makes this Possible...
Take Advantage of It!

We Promote EACH Month Until You Say Stop!

  • We will build minisites for up to two of Your url/KWs EACH MONTH
  • You can also send us up to 2 Youtube Video URLs that you want to rank for us to embed in the posts
  • Now YOU can build the most powerful Link Structures without the headache
  • Change the URLs and Niches we build mnisite links to each month - or keep the same (totally flexible!)
  • We build the trust and authority of the Minisites with Social Signals, Traffic, and Bookmarks
  • WE power up the entire system following Chris’ amazing strategy

How Many?

MiniSite Relentless Power Package!

  • We will build you TWO MiniSites Each and Every Month (or use one of ours)!
  • A post for you on EACH of the two sites - the URL and/or Youtube YOU chose each month
  • Each month's ranking power builds and builds and builds, month after month, propelling your rankings with massive ranking power

Sadly We are ONLY Releasing 10 of These Offers

$197 per month
(Plus VAT for UK buyers only - sorry)

Very Sorry Guys We Are Sold Out Already.  We will be Making More Spots available really soon!

Please note we cannot and will not give refunds.  Once you take a spot and deny someone else that spot, the money is spent - and we need the economies of scale to allow us to give this service at such a low cost.  We can only guarantee to maintain your powerful links with a continued subscription.  There are no refunds.

Small Print:

We build sites and posts for you but the sites remain ours.  You are in effect renting our expertise and spaces (posts) on the minisites.  However, we build these sites for you, for you niche, to rank your money-site(s).  It's just that we retain control and ownership.

If you cancel your subscription, we cannot guarantee to leave your posts and links up on the minisite we have built.  Because you are renting space there, if you are not paying for it, we need to make it available to someone else who is willing to pay for it.  However, once you have subscribed for 12 months, if you no longer want any more sites and posts built for you, you can reduce your subscription to a $47 maintenance charge, to preserve your access to your network of now 24 minisites.  That's powerful ranking stuff!

However, we are not sure why anyone would want to give up a slot on this program. In stead, once we've ranked one keyword, give us another and another and another and we will continue to rank site after site and keyword after keyword for you!

Finally, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription and end the service at any time.  We will only do so in the most extreme of situations, and have no plans to do so.  But your subscription does not convey the right to the minisite service in perpetuity, and unforeseen circumstances may mean we need to end the service.

John Pearce