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No Other Difference – Identical SEO – Site Metrics Even Favor the Loser!

We'll Revealing all and making it available on a coaching call this Thursday - see below for details!


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Technical Optimization, Security Structure, Site Setup

"All The Technical Optimization That You Don’t Know How To Do, Don't Have Time To Do, Don't Want To Do, It's Already Done!!!"


  • Site setup pre-optimised, not just for SEO but security, performance. As soon as you install the site. You just add the content and off you go
  • Ultimate flexibility - do anything you want with layout, design
  • 20 plugins already installed (all you’ll ever need!) - just check of the ones you want/ignore the ones you don’t
  • Disclaimer, privacy etc all done, contact form all done. Very fast to get going!
  • Stability and optimization - the secret sauce that Google loves (a lot of different things, for eg: speed, coding compressed, saved and presented through gzip, cache – all pre-configured)
  • Security also pre-configured for bots and how much bandwidth the bots are allowed to soak up
  • Tying into the Google algorithm - and taking advantage of Google!
  • Integrated: script to massively reduce Googles count of your bounce rate
  • All the technical optimization that you don’t know how to do, don't have time to do, don't want to do, it's already done!
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The Site Metrics Even Favor the Losing Site - Proving the Ranking Advantage!

Test Site Metrics - Analysis


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We'll be making this software available on a webinar where we'll explain all, and answer all your questions, this Thursday, at:

Eastern US: 4pm Thursday 8 December
UK: 9pm Thursday 8 December
Europe: 10pm Thursday 8 December
Singapore:  5am Friday 9 December
Sydney: 8am Friday 9 December

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