Sales Tax Solved? One of the Biggest Headaches for eCom

It’s really true – dealing with Sales Tax for ecommerce sales is a massive headache at best, and very expensive if you get it wrong, at worst.

There are however some unique ways to reduce the headache – most interestingly a suggestion in this interview that you can file for and submit sales tax in just a single state…

(instead of the cost and complexity of multiple states, which is normally required)

…while keeping yourself both legal and safe from exposure to back taxes and penalties.

In this post, I interview an independent Sales and Local Tax Specialist, Doug McCubbin of Horizons Consulting LLC.

There is no course or training to buy, and no affiliate commission for me.  It’s just free advice.  I wanted these answers for my own eCom business, and was connected with Doug by my CPA.   So I decided with Doug’s permission I’d record and share his advice.

This is golden information to save you hassle, time, and maybe significant exposure to penalties down the road!

Interview Audio

Written notes from the interview:

Note - please feel free to contact Doug here and/or put your questions in the comments below:

Douglas McCubbin, CPA                                                                                                                           

Managing Director

Horizons Consulting, LLC

Phone: 855-393-6787
Mobile: 832-472-6688
Fax:      888-557-0160
E-mail: Douglas [at]


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