Initial Testing of this High-Converting Webinar Gave

 A Six Figure Promo
with Just 2 JV's???

"An Offer Far to Secretive
Ever to Be Made Public..."

Converting at Over $200
Per Live Attendee

The Perfect Webinar Format for High Conversions - Packed with High-Level Teaching Content Which Serves... Make the Offer a Can't-Do-Without, Must-Have Deal

Well Here's the Proof It Will make You Money!

We hit Six figures easily with 2 JVs!

  • A few hundred short of $50,000 to my list in sales – initial webby with a little over 200 attendees, one live encore where I messed up the times and lost a lot of people, and a replay. $50K ain’t bad!
  • Oz's webinar was fraught with internet errors so we did one repeat and replay and did > $43,000
  • Paul'a grossed > $35,000
  • Chris Munch grossed > $50,000
  • All the above on 50% Commission via Nanacast (lifetime commissions)

From my previous experience, content-rich webinars don’t convert very well, especially when compared to webinars that are light on quality content. So, the general consensus seems to be that if you want a high-converting webinar – you gotta go easy on quality content. LOL!

Well… I just found a genius that ripped that consensus to shreds because he delivered possibly the best content on a webby that I’ve ever seen, and at the same time managed to make the webby the highest converting one that I’ve also ever seen.

So, it’s a win-win-win for everyone – da audience… da presenter… and da host.

Who is da genius? Sorry, I almost forgot to tell ya. He’s an English gentleman that goes by da name of John Pearce.

Any more questions?


When it comes to converting offers John is always a sure bet.  His SEO webinar did incredibly well for us.. but more importantly...there is tons of proof, an obscene bonus and lots of happy customers.  The webinar session itself was very educational.. and left people begging to buy.  I still have people emailing me for a link.

Paul Clifford
Chris Munch

Despite all the anti-SEO and anti-link building messages out there, John proves that demand for ranking high in Google is there. This definitely ranks in the top 5% of webinars out there, and its really educational showing how the latest advanced methods of link building work - then John and Chris provide such a simple user friendly link building platform, with its sophistication buried under the hood. Obviously the evolutionary race between Google and SEOs will continue, and its great to be part of what is working well for bringing targeted traffic from Google right now.

Chris Munch

We Are Planning to Make This One of Your Highest-Earning Webinar Promotions Ever!

The Webinar Teaching / Content

This is too secret to release as a public offer, so can only be released as a private webinar

Right now, my partner Chris Cantell and I are dominating Page 1 at will. There is plenty of live proof (live - not just screenshots) on the webby. Not only have we got the SEO system that works today, but we have a 90-site strong private network (PR, aged domain) that we have built comprehensive software to post campaigns to, with all the right ingredients (including drip feed, media rich, anchor text generator etc).

Here are two analytics screenshots for one of our sites that we started working on in Oct 13 and now has around 70,000 organic visitors a month. The first shows growth of the site from scratch. The second shows that it is organic traffic!

This shows the traffic source is organic:

Moreover, a single post to our private network has been shown to rank local keywords in the No. 1 slot on page 1 of Google (proof in the webby).

So we are selling this via webinar only. It can never be open to public offer.

The Super-High Converting Offer

Mainly, our offer is access to our 90 site aged domain with PR private network, the software that automates it, and along with that comprehensive video training on every aspect of SEO that we have got nailed.

It would cost about $5,000 to put together your own network of 90 sites, so we pitch this as a saving of $5K.

The nature of the offer also allows me to teach a great deal of content – really rich, powerful content, which hooks people in very strongly.

Proof of the pudding is the eating – we are converting at $200 per live attendee….

Webby-Only Bonuses / Scarcity

We also build a personal, individual 100-blog private network on Web 2.0 sites for each and every buyer, loaded with content in the niche they choose, as a webinar only bonus. That’s right, their own personal 100-blog network on Web 2.0.

This proved to be a killer closer. People love it.

Price also rises after limited time replay (3 days is good).

We generally make 2 ½ to 3 times the sales overall that are made live on the first webby.

This means JV’s committing to a 7 day campaign for the product.

How to Promote

If you can put 150 on a live webinar, we will do a dedicated campaign for you.

For smaller lists, we will run a schedule - details to follow.

Affiliate Links and Pricing

Commission via Nanacast, $497 price point, or split pay 3 x $187, both at 50%. (There is $17 a month tick-over thereafter with no commission – we have a fair number of costs in managing and maintaining the network.)

Commission on ALL receipts paid x 50% after 1 week (remaining split pay payments will cover the very few refunds). Balance owed from split-pay receipts will be paid after the 3 months.

To join the JV Program: contact Mike Merz

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Other JV Testimonials

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Peter Garety

John is an incredible strategic partner and let me tell you why. Most people are very excited when their own launch is coming. They seems to be on TOP of the game. But, when they promote your stuff, it seems that their emails are written by $5 writer - no passion, no strategic bonus - nothing. John is different. He cares about the quality of his promotion as much as quality of his own launch. And that is why his EPCs are extremely high in both cases.

So, if you have an opportunity to promote for John - do not wait a second - jump on board right away.

Peter Garety