SEO Evolution – Or Is It Revolution?

Massive Update to SEO Breakthrough Training

Chris and I are working hard on probably the biggest change in SEO since Google started!

To be honest, Google have done an outstanding job over the last 18 months of cracking down on artificial (or forced) SEO.  Really outstanding.  They have closed so many of the shortcuts to top rankings, it’s unreal.  And they don’t even tell us any more when they release and algorithm update.  They’re more or less rolling them out all the time.

Does this Mean SEO is Dead? Oh No!  Not at All!

Because no matter what Google do, if you know what to do you can rank at will.

The difference is, more and more we have to play their game.

“What’s Changed in SEO Then John?”

In a sense, nothing has changed.  SEO has always been and still is today based on 2 main things:

  • On page content (quality and relevance to the search term)
  • Backlinks from other websites pointing at your page

On page content (quality and relevance to the search term)

Backlinks from other websites pointing at your page

Now, some other factors come into play – is your site getting traffic (Google knows everything!) and Social Signals (from G+ and Twitter)?

But fundamentally, it’s the same as it ever was.  What has evolved is how we get the right backlinks, and how we achieve relevance, according to Google’s algorithm.

Playing the Game – “Hybrid SEO”

While I cannot distill the entire SEO Breakthrough updated training into this short blog post, when it all comes down to it, it’s all about master content…

…super, high quality, informative content.  Content that people want to read.  Content for the human, not for the bots and spyders.  We call it “Master Content.”

And if you can get this content right, and apply the backlinking and relevance training we have in SEO Breakthrough…

…you can rank at the top of Google easier than you ever could before!

The Master Content Strategy

In our new Hybrid SEO, the master content strategy does not replace the existing techniques, but it turbo-boosts your rankings in a way that, compared to the competition, will make you untouchble!

In brief, you market the Master Content – and let natural process do the rest.  Because if you market it correctly, as we will be teaching in our SEO Breakthrough “Hybrid SEO” update, you will attract high authority and superb, natural backlinks and social signals.

With This Strategy, You Will Be Unstoppable!


Our new Hybrid SEO training will be out on the streets in the next few weeks (free to all existing SEO Breakthrough members in good standing).

In the meantime, we’ll be getting out notifications to you on our new SEO Breakthrough “Hybrid SEO” teaching in the days ahead!

All the best,

John Pearce along with Chris Cantell

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