Probably the Hottest Sales Angle for an SEO Launch in 3 Years

Commission up to 100%
A Product EVERYONE Wants/Need
Multi Multi Multi $$$ for YOU!

Literally Cuts to the Core of Every SEO'ers Most Pressing, Most "Must Have" Need!
Fundamentally, There is NOT ONE SEO'er...
Not Even One... Single...SEO'er or Wannabe SEO'er On Your List...
...that Does Not 100% NEED and WANT This Product!

Now that's a bold claim! Let me explain why that is the case:

  • The Headline and Sales Angle Literally Cuts to the Core of Every SEO'ers Most Pressing, Most "Must Have" Need! They Cannot Resist it!
  • Up to 95% of SEO'ers websites are in penalty - those are the stats we have seen from the many customers of SEO Breakthrough. And they don't even know it - and are totally wasting their time, money, and energy blindly flogging a dead website
  • The Vast Array of Google Penalties - is so large it's virtually impossible to keep track
  • We Show You How to Do What Almost No-one Else is Able to Do - we show exactly how to eradicate the penalties and recover rankings and traffic - with case studies of our work even getting out of a negative SEO attack and manual penalty
  • Negative SEO is Becoming an Epidemic I can send anybody's, and I mean anybody's site into penalty with a simple GSA campaign in an hour's work. Almost no-one knows how to defeat such an attack. We do - and show it live.
  • Negative SEO or Penalty Recovery is Super High $ Value for Local SEO Clients. So even competent, professional SEO's need this. They can add this to their service and charge massive bucks - because it is an extremely rare skill.

There is no equivalent product! But it is a product every single SEO'er needs and (once they've read our headlines) WANTS!

The Product - Front End

Sales Angle:

“Trying and Trying and Trying and Wondering Why Your Website Just Won’t Rank?

Chances are, it NEVER, EVER Will, Without This...

Because 95% of all SEO’ers Sites are
IN PENALTY and They Don’t Even Know It

Are You One of Them?"

SEO Recovery is an intensive, comprehensive training on detecting and eradicating Google penalties...

...and reclaiming your website's rightful rankings!

Around 95% of  SEO'ers are unsuccessful in their attempts to rank their sites, and this is why…

…they are in penalty!  But they are totally unaware of it.

In addition one of our client’s sites (7 figure revenue site) got hit by a massive negative SEO campaign, so we’ve recorded the whole process of defeating the attack – which we have done successfully.

The negative SEO attack also led to being given a manual penalty, so we cover (and show) recovery from manual penalty too!

In fact, we cover the lot.  This product is the most comprehensive, most powerful, SEO recovery product ever released publicly.

The Backend / Upsell is Absolutely Killer!!!

With thanks to the Munchster and Peter Garety for their awesome counsel, the funnel is killer.

One of the secrets to super high converting upsells is that they are a no brainer once the buyer has committed to the FE, without leaving him feeling you held something back from the FE.

For the upsell, we have a Panda-beating Plugin that allows super-relevant content to be added to the page to satisfy the hungry Panda, without distracting the sales message or call to action for the human visitor.  Oh and we cover the "plugin footprint" angle.

The plugin has been coded by the amazing Hugh Hitchcock - no half-baked coding here, and awesome tech support.

Overall, the product also covers a subject that goes to the heart of the frustration of thousands of wannabe SEO’ers that cannot rank (probably because they are in penalty!)…

… who will find the Google penalty a convenient scapegoat for their lack of success, and the hope of suddenly ranking (once out of penalty) something they cannot resist.

This product launch aims to be groundbreaking – it covers new territory that has hardly been touched in recent years’ launches.


If they’ve bought the FE, then they are committed to checking their sites for penalties.  If they are going to do that, would they rather spend hours working or press a button?

Here is the demo video from the upsell page, which gives an excellent overview:

video placeholder

A Second Upsell Too!

We're not holding stuff back for follow-on sales you'll get no commission for.  We're throwing everything into this funnel!

We've got our unique and pertinent training "Future Proof PBN Power - PBNs that WONT get de-indexed - Myths and Garbage Info Destroyed!"

With the current PBN de-indexing round still in full swing, this is a must-have for any serious SEOer.

Links and Pricing

You can sign up for the entire funnel here:

Front End Tiered Pricing:   Special Offer Personal $37 at 100%, Multi-Site $67 60%, Professional $77 at 50% (normally $67, $147, $197)

Upgrade / Upsell:  Using Peter Garety's amazing Vertical Funnel concept, prices on the Textifier Panda-bashing software will be between $37 and $77 at 50%, special offer pricing.

Second Upsell:  $67 at 50%, special offer pricing.

Incredible JV Prizes Totalling $30,000 Have Been Paid

My EPC Track Record

SEO Recover Itself DOUBLE DIGIT EPC during the public launch - see this!

SEO Recovery Launch EPC

I am known by my JV's to produce awesome EPCs and Chris and my Latest Product - SEO Breakthrough - has sold 7 figures!

And in the Forum Launch Days...

Day one visitor value only once less that $3 and as high as $8.17 - here are the first day stats for ALL my WSOs this year (NONE left out - my WORST performer is listed below).



Affiliate Links and Pricing


You can sign up for the entire funnel here:

Front End Tiered Pricing:   Special Offer Personal $37 at 100%, Multi-Site $67 60%, Professional $77 at 50% (normally $67, $147, $197)

Upgrade / Upsell:  Using Peter Garety's amazing Vertical Funnel concept, prices on the Textifier Panda-bashing software will be between $37 and $77 at 50%, special offer pricing.

Second Upsell:  $67 at 50%, special offer pricing.

Sales Page

Copywriting by the SAME TEAM that brought you the 7 figure SEO Breakthrough, the 6,000+ unit selling Instant Content Curator Pro, 4,500 selling VICPro and all those amazing EPCs above.  You can view the sales page with normal (non-special) pricing here:

View the Sales Page Here

Email Swipes

Personally I used formatting in my emails - bold, italic an colour.  I've toned this down a bit but feel free to use with or without formatting, or amend as required!

Pre-launch materials including pdf and Word version, video images and video urls are here:

Prelaunch Swipe 1 (with pdf attached - see next below)

Subject: You will NEVER rank your sites? Critical announcement

{normal opening}

I’ve got a pdf for you that covers what is probably the most significant challenge faced by SEOers today. A challenge so extensive that…

…it is probably stopping 95% of you from achieving the ranking success you want.

Without This Information, 95% of You Will Never Rank…

Yes that’s right. Because as you’ll see in the attached report, 95% of sites that have been promoted by SEO are in penalty.

And the trouble is – while you are in penalty, you will never, ever rank. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try.

And the Worst Part is – You Probably Don’t Even Know You’re in Penalty

I’m sorry for generalising, because I’m not talking about everyone, and I may not be correct in saying this about you…

…but almost 100% of SEO’ers whose sites are in penalty, or in penalty for given keywords, have absolutely no idea that they are in penalty.

So if you are thinking…

“but my site’s not in penalty…” my question to you is…

“Are you sure? Are you really sure? Or put another way, is your site ranking where you want it?”

Because as you’ll see from the attached report I’ve put together, almost no-one realises what is going on here.

And it affects 95% of promoted websites.

And the sad thing is, without this knowledge, 95% of people (you too?) will never ever rank, no matter how hard they work to promote their site, until they get out of penalty.

This is crucial to the future of your business – please read the attached report!

{normal signoff}

Prelaunch Swipe 2 (with pdf attached - see next below)

Subject: This has got to be BS?
You Cannot be Serious?
Are You Making This Mistake?

{normal opening}

I’ll keep this short. Since sending out the report (attached again here) – the reaction has been incredible.

It ranged from:

“Oh boy, finally, now I understand why my site won’t rank. Thanks!”


“You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s BS. My site’s not in penalty”

People who are unwilling to face reality will never succeed. Period.  Particularly since, 95% of all promoted websites are in penalty.

Now, that figure – 95% - that is NOT sales talk. That is fact. It’s not blowing smoke. It is 100% true, reported by multiple SEO experts out there. Even Google’s statistics support it (see the report).

And for just one example, of how even a SEO professional didn’t realise he was in penalty, and how he got out overnight, see this video:

prelaunch-vid-cover-1-2(link to

My partner John Pearce and Chris Cantell have available for the first time tomorrow, Tuesday 14th October, the definitive, comprehensive, complete guide to finding out if YOU are in penalty…

…and how to get OUT of penalty!

95% of all website owners are going to find that finally they can rank their sites.

Does that include you?  The biggest mistake you could ever make is thinking “nah – this doesn’t apply to me”…

…but if your website is not ranking, despite you doing everything to rank, then almost without doubt, you are in penalty.

John and Chris’s course will set you and your website free.  I'll be in touch at the launch time of 11am Eastern, Tuesday 14th October.


Pre-Launch Materials No Optin - I Wont Steal Your Leads! 🙂

I've got some jaw-dropping pre-launch material you can use to warm up your lists.

Essential to high JV sales, as we all know, is warming up your list.  Literally, this stuff will have them begging to buy from you!

I have a pdf and 2 videos that you can use separately or just the pdf (the videos are also mentioned in the pdf).

These are really, really powerful.

The two videos show penalty recovery case studies for Panda and Penguin penalties, and the remarkable overnight rise in rankings.

The pdf is a fantastic report on Google penalties, how it is the 95% of SEOers sites are in penalty and will never, ever rank. The report explains the types of penalties, their origin, and what they are, as well as basic info on how to get out of them.

I can almost guarantee that if you can get your customers to read this before Tuesday, they will already be sold, big-time.

Take a look for yourself! PDF and Word version are here:

Videos are:

Duplicate Penalty Recovery Case Study:

Penguin Penalty Recover in 2 Weeks:

You can customize the pdf (Word version in the zip file) as you like.

Add your name as co-author. Add your redirect link at the bottom, or your affiliate link (affil links will go to a holding page with no optin until the launch opens).

Here's the best strategy:

  • Mail the pdf today, Friday, or over the weekend.
  • Mail one video on Monday afternoon Eastern time (not Monday morning people are too hassled..)
  • Mail the second video early Tuesday morning

Review Access

Please email me if you'd like a review copy at info [at] nationalhomebusinesscenter [dot] com.  Please include your list size, its origin, and how you intend to market SEO Recovery with your request!  We will get review access out the week before launch.

JV Testimonials

video placeholder
Peter Garety

John is an incredible strategic partner and let me tell you why. Most people are very excited when their own launch is coming. They seems to be on TOP of the game. But, when they promote your stuff, it seems that their emails are written by $5 writer - no passion, no strategic bonus - nothing. John is different. He cares about the quality of his promotion as much as quality of his own launch. And that is why his EPCs are extremely high in both cases.

So, if you have an opportunity to promote for John - do not wait a second - jump on board right away.

Peter Garety

John is an ace Internet Marketer, and one of the very few around that can be counted on to create quality products.  That is why promoting his products for me is a no-brainer.

Also, he and Chris understand SEO like the back of their hands and you can ALWAYS count on them to provide your customers with an EXCELLENT learning experience. This is a top as top-notch goes. NUFF SAID!


Chris_MunchPosted by the awesome Chris Munch on
his "JV Superstars" page...

"So I just wanted to drop a thank you (in no particular order) to some rockstars for your unknown help.


John Pearce – For showing me how your OTO funnel works. I used your ideas and they worked!



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