Best Opportunity Out There for SEO’ers and Non-SEO’ers?

Game Changer?

I’d really like you to read all of this post – it’s a really important one.  This could be it.

You see…

A year or two ago, Chris and I started getting really interested in something that is the most significant business development of our time.

Leading Statistics website “” states:

“E-commerce statistics confirm the explosive pace…” of ecommerce growth.

After all, it’s how we shop now, more and more and more.  I don’t know about you but I never go out to the shops now.


Well, if I want something, I can research it, find it and buy it in 5 or 10 minutes, likely with next day delivery.  Why would I ever take a couple of hours to drive into the mall and back?

It’s a defining moment in our business lives.  Do you want to ride the wave?

Did You Miss Out on the Last One?

We’ve all missed out… Many times.  I know I have.  What about you?

  • If you'd put $1,000 into Microsoft stock at the start, it would be worth $619,000 today...
  • If you'd started Google Adwords in the days when penny clicks straight to an affiliate page could earn you $100K a month...
  • If you'd got into Amazon in 2013 when you could throw up a product with no promotion, and make 7 figures per year just on Amazon's own traffic...

This latest defining opportunity fits Perfectly if you have SEO skills,   True, SEO is not required for this, but SEO skills and resources will give you a leg up that almost no-one else has or is using.

And that’s Chris and my new project.  It comes on the back of something else I want to share with you.

So let me share with you what advice I give my loved ones…

What do I Advise My Friends, Family and my Own Flesh and Blood to Do as the Easiest, Simplest, Quickest Route to a Successful 6 or 7 Figure Business?

Well, let me tell you.

My Son

A little over a year ago, my eldest left High School.  He was taking a year out before university.  He wanted to make some money.  So what did I tell my own flesh and blood to do?  I told him to do ecommerce (in his case, Amazon, but read on…).

How did he do? He netted (net profit) over $10,000 in December :), with no advertisements.  Not bad for a High School leaver:

My Little Sister...

My sister was coming towards retirement, but didn't have enough to retire.  She asked me for advice.  What did I tell her to do?  ecommmerce.  And she's done this without my help and without ANY background whatsoever in computers, IT, or internet marketing.  Zero background experience.

My Little Sister: UK Sales in the dark, dank month of February!

My Little Sister: USA sales over the same period!

Last but not Least, my Friends...

I have advised countless other friends who have asked - the easiest and most sure-fire way to generate income, I tell them, is either local SEO (and Chris and I have been teaching that) or ecommerce.  And if you have limited experience in SEO, then I'd pick ecommerce.

But What EXACTLY Should We Do, John?

There are two main approaches to ecommerce - 1) sourcing and manufacturing your own product, or 2) using existing products that you sell, that are automatically sent to your customers (you never have to source, see, or handle a physical product).

About 1 month ago, Chris came to me with a proposal for our next project.  To build an ecommerce website selling an existing product being "drop-shipped" so we don't have to source, brand or buy inventory.

This would be, Chris said, the most straight-forward brain-dead easy option.  Without investment of time or funds in sourcing, branding and buying a product.

...and yet massive upside potential in a short space of time.

Why is Google Traffic so Valuable?

Remember, Google traffic are people who literally are looking for what you or your client has to offer...

...not just people who happen to see an add, but rather...

...people who have taken their time to go to their computer/phone/tablet in order to find and purchase something they WANT!

What does someone want to do if they go to Google and type in "Nike mens size 11"???

You bet, they are in the process of purchasing that item. Soooo...

Why not put your website right in front of people that are in the process of purchasing whatever item you choose to sell?

That's the power of Google traffic for ecomm.

And what's more, NO ads to pay for!

"But What Can I Do, John?"

Originally conceived as a bonus for purchase of an affiliate product (100K Factory), Chris and I have launched our eComm Inner Circle.

We want you to walk this journey with us in an "Inner Circle Mastermind" - where you get to see exactly what we are doing and why, and how to apply SEO to this great business.
  1. We will show YOU how we decided on our product / product range and let you know exactly what it is and how we found it.
  2. We will show YOU how we are going to use SEO to boost our profits – which almost no one else is doing – giving us and you a secret advantage over everyone else.  (There are some very specific considerations for ranking an ecommerce site)
  3. Join us and well do it together, sharing, growing and succeeding in a closed door mastermind with me and Chris!

If you would like to join us, we are charging a very small one off fee to compensate for our time in sharing, please go here or click the timer below.


We have closed the doors to this Inner Circle SEO eComm Domination (for obvious reasons).  I'm really sorry if you missed it.

All the best,

John and Chris


  • Mauro Caldas

    Reply Reply March 7, 2017

    Hi, how are you?

    I really like the product, 100k Product Revolution and I really belive that this works, but I don’t have the 3×997,00 that this investment will cost to initially start.

    I Know that I get the money back very soon with this process, but I just don’t have the money and that amount on my credit card right now.

    Please what can I do to get on board?

    Thank you very much.

    Have a great day.
    Best Regards,
    Mauro Caldas

    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply March 18, 2017

      Hey Mauro – I’ve just added a link so you can join our mastermind and at least follow along what we do, if you would like to!

      • Simon Choe

        Reply Reply March 18, 2017

        May I know how long this offer to mastermind will be open? And will we benefit as newbie in ecomm?

        • John Pearce

          Reply Reply March 18, 2017

          Hi Simon – I don’t know how long it will be open, just until we have a practical maximum number of members – 40 or so? Yes, it will be of benefit to a newbie – all the more I guess!

  • Rick N

    Reply Reply March 18, 2017


    Would joining this Mastermind provide enough information for someone with no site or ecomm background, to start and run a successful ecomm site from scratch?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply March 18, 2017

      Yes, you can do that as a newbie from scratch. You will need to research basic information from for example Youtube, for example in how to build your Shopify site. It’s all readily available out there and with our support, you can find it, learn it and do it. there’s no question. Is the mastermind going to teach you step by step, join the dots style? No, that’s not the purpose of a mastermind. The mastermind is to share with you what Chris and I are doing, what we learn, how we are doing it etc.

      You’ll be right on the inside of our progress as we develop this great opportunity.

      Hope that’s all clear!

  • Fernando Davila

    Reply Reply March 19, 2017


    We do not need to buy 100K Product Revolution after, if we want to go ahead and build our own ecommand follow your blueprint

    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply March 19, 2017

      You do not need to buy 100K – what we are giving here is a mastermind, teaching how to rank an ecommerce site in Google for super targeted free traffic, and complete disclosure of what Chris and I are doing – an “inner circle” Hope that helps!

  • Jennifer E Price

    Reply Reply March 22, 2017

    I would like to know more please

  • Paul Gregersen

    Reply Reply March 22, 2017

    Hi John,
    Is there a chance I could get added to your mastermind group? I am hoping for a way to finally make this ecom bus work. Hoping there’s something here that can tip the scale to get things rolling.


    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply March 22, 2017

      Hi Paul – yes of course. Please click through to the link to join – just click he timer banner!

  • Ramesh

    Reply Reply March 22, 2017

    Coaching you providing will it be for only ecom sites or any other sites to rank in google.

    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply March 23, 2017

      Ramesh this is very much about ecomm as described above. Our SEO Breakthrough course covers everything else.

  • Shirley Caldwell

    Reply Reply March 23, 2017

    Where is the link please

  • Thomas Powell

    Reply Reply March 23, 2017

    Please add me to your Mastermind group.

  • Eric

    Reply Reply March 23, 2017


    Will there be recordings of everything?
    My work schedule and timezone will make it almost impossible to attend a lot of the sessions.
    Thank you

    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply March 23, 2017

      Where we do meetings, yes we will always plan to record 🙂

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