Content is King – But How do we Get it Quickly, Simply, and Cheaply?

Content is king.

…and if you are not using content in a big way, it could be one of the main things holding you back from success!!!

So What’s the Solution?

One concept that has picked up a (justifiably) bad reputation recently is “spinning” – using software to re-write an article.

In one way, spinning is great – take some content, press a button, and bingo – you have dozens or even hundreds of unique new articles on the same topic.

BUT, the reason it’s bad is… spinning software produces gobble-de-gook – in other words, rubbish.  For example this phrase:

“I want to sack  my restaurant manager” becomes “I desire to bag my bistro boss” – completely different meanings.  Because software isn’t human.  It can’t understand the difference between sack (as in dismiss) and sack (as in bag)

Is There A Way to Make Spinning Work?

Because if there is, bingo! Great news!  Content is no longer the challenge it has been…

And, you guessed it, there is a way!  It is a totally revolutionary piece of software that some university researchers from Stanford and Princeton put together, as I understand…

… which can tell the difference between “book” as in novel and “book” as in reservation… or between “sack” (bag) and “sack” dismiss.

It does this by reading and understanding the entire sentence, just like the Google translator, for example.

My SEO partner Gustav and I have used this for several months now.  It is simply light years ahead of the next best alternative, and today they’ve just released an updated version that is even better.  Take a loot at this:

Here is a short summary of just SOME of what it can do – Asolutely Incredible!

I’m sure you’ll agree, that is absolutely amazing!  This is so good at what it does.  In fact, none of the alternatives produce good, readable English, because none of them have the mad scientist technology of Spin Rewriter, the software I am talking about.

Truly, this software is remarkable.  Good, readable, quality English at the push of a button.

Never be in need of unique content again – go here:

One More Important Thing – My Bonus Teaching

Having the software is only part of the bargain.  You need to know how to use it and where to get the articles to spin in the first place, so read on…

Do NOT go out and steal people’s articles from Ezine (or any other directory) and spin them.  It is illegal.  We did  it in the past – but I wouldn’t risk it now.

So the first step is to pick up the software.  You get a free trial so there’s no risk at all.  Try it out and see if you want to keep it.

Second you need content to spin.  You need a starting article, which you can then turn into multiple other articles.  One option is to write it yourself, or get it written.  But that sort of takes us back to square 1 – time and money required!

For any of you who pick up spin rewriter, I’m going to send you my complete pdf guide to where to pick up your articles, and how best to use them with the rewriter for absolute boat loads of free, 100% unique content.

(and I have to tell you we have developed a very unique way of making sure the articles are 100% unique, totally undetectable by Google as spun – I’ll tell you how!)

To Get My Teaching, Start Here:

Third – you need to monetise the traffic that is coming in!  That will be the subject of another blog post…


My Bonus is ONLY available to those who pick up Spin Rewriter between now and Sunday 9th December.

I’ll send out the bonuses to everyone who has bought on Monday morning.  There is no need to send in your receipt or anything.

Forgive me if I make this a limited time deal, but sending the bonus is a manual task and I can only do it once, which I will do Monday!

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  • Sean Breslin

    Reply Reply December 6, 2012

    Looking forward to seeing what your going to send, John. I’ve avoided spinning up till now, always thought they were crap!

    This one and your offer has changed my mind, and I just do not have the time to write all the content I want!!



    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply December 6, 2012

      Thanks Sean – yeah, writing has got to be one of the most time-consuming things. It took me all morning to write this post!


  • Martin Jelsema

    Reply Reply December 6, 2012

    John: I’ve owned and use Spinrewriter and will get the new version as a part of my contract with them. But I would like to get your course. How much?

    • John Pearce

      Reply Reply December 7, 2012

      I’ll get it to you for nothing Martin! No problem at all. Email me on Monday and I’ll take care of it!


  • Jack Brutschin

    Reply Reply December 11, 2012

    Hi John,

    I took your offer and am awaiting your bonus.

    Thank you in advance.

    Jack Brutschin

    • vlada

      Reply Reply December 11, 2012

      Hi Jack,

      Send us email to info [at] nationalhomebusinesscenter [dot] com with your receipt and I’ll send you PDF.

  • Phil Denman

    Reply Reply December 11, 2012

    Hi there John,

    Just checking in. Purchased through your link and not received your valuable PDF yet.

    Regards Phil.

    • vlada

      Reply Reply December 11, 2012

      Hi Phil,

      Send us email to info [at] nationalhomebusinesscenter [dot] com with your receipt and I’ll send you PDF.

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